Erotic Massage

The beginnings of erotic massage go back to ancient times. It probably originates in ancient India approximately at the same time as Kama Sutra (4th-6th century a.d.). Even back then various aromatic oils and herbs were used in erotic massage.
Mentions of erotic massage can be also found in still existent records from other ancient civilizations - Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt. Western world accepted massages in general little by little much later.
Massages were always considered a basic form of healing. Also, they were performed as part of ritual. Many ancient doctors and grand thinkers like Hippocrates, who believed exercise, fresh air, massages, good rest, healthy diet and hygiene are most important for healing, took part in massage development and progress.

The whole massage is made in the atmosphere of pleasant and calm. After the massage tension and stress are relieved, better mental condition is induced.
The massage improves blood circulation, relaxes stiff muscles and stimulates libido. Every masseuse is unique and has her own style of massage.
Erotic massage is massage of the whole body - feet, back, neck, hands (if there is enough time). Masseuse uses different techniques including body2body and she massages with her whole body including her breast and bottom.
Because it's an erotic massage, masseuse spends enough time massaging intimate parts. Providing erotic massage is not providing sexual service. Kissing, oral sex or intercourse are not always included in massage. It is possible sometimes to pay extra for these services.
Suggestions and proposals of sex, offend masseuses and she may discontinue the massage. But you can fondle (gently touch) her if she allows.
Rule of thumb. Ask first about what extras..if any are available.

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